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2+ decades of Domain Site Acquisitions, Sales and Investing

Upfront pricing !   * reasonable offers  welcome !

We prefer to work directly with interested parties however, Brokers are welcome

Our Goal in everything we do is always

         Achieve Results. 


3 decades of C Suite Corporate Services from Start up to Global Enterprises

Serving Tech, Defense, Life Science, HealthCare, Retail fashion, Banking, Investing,

Law firms, Insurance, Architecture, Engineering and Commercial Property Enterprises

Currently Serving – Tech, Life Science, HealthCare, Banking Investment

and Commercial Property Enterprises

Client Retention Average  15+ years

The majority of our clients are acquired by referral

Our Staff has contributed on Professional and Education Boards,

Advanced Studies and Education Infrastructure and Fundraising

initiated and lead Community Infrastructure Projects

and ongoing Direct Assistance for the Functioning Homeless

 Lets Talk.   Get Recognized. 

Spend Smart Huge Opportunity for Visibility/industry Mind Share !

 + Pre Sell prospects with exact match lead magnets

 + Stand Above the Crowd with unique state of the art

   Hybrid Domain Brand Sites                                                                        

 + Reach More Leads with multiple sales funnels

 + Cut Cost of Customer Acquisition

 + Product creation potential like never before

 + Investment potential

There is a Measurable ROi and each a unique Valuable Asset !

Hundreds of Built in industry offerings . Ai  . Media  . Cloud . Games

    . Chat  . Energy  . Digital  . Design . Global ……..

Get Recognized by your industry 

 .Com will always be iconic

In Today’s World, +Specifically Unique Stands Above the Crowd 

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Get it to the Next Level before

the competition!

  Get . Recognized

     AGENX . Ai     

       SYNC . CHAT       


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End user Acquisitions, Sales, Lease and Site Branding Services. 

+  UPFRONT PRiCiNG      Offers accepted  

+  Buy it Now Purchasing    Safe, Secure Transfers


  • Long and Short term leasing on select Sites  * 6 – 1 8 Month Short term
  • * Long term- 24 / 36 month term
  • Lease to purchase up to 60 months  20% to start, 2% simple interest
  • Escrow monthly fees 50/50
  • All  Contracts+
  • Purchase/Transfers/Leases are secured thru Escrow services
  • Site Registrations included for the term of lease options
  • (Leased Sites may not be Sublet, Shared, offered for sale or transfered during term of Lease)
  • Fractional purchase groups for long / short term * investment
  • *investing for Asset Appreciation The original NFT’s !
  • (*As is with all investing, assess your individual risk tolerance before * investing )
    • We do not sell or share contact / sales information
    • NDA Standard upon request
    • Accquisition and Lease values range :   28k-1 million+   Average value : 80k-300k
    • Parameters below can help determine a spend range for your application
    • Values determined by :
    • Client Value based pricing  – Built in Marketing Cost Savings
    • 1 9 individual industry markers– Marketing Average of Digital Spend % with ROi 60 months 
    • best Use/# of industry applications//long term Asset Value///Resale
    • Industry Mind Share / Relevence / State of the Art Presence
    • Customer RelatabilityEasy to Recall/Associate/Current Trend Popularity
    • Market Ubiquity/Sticky word or phrase and Length.   Sometimes longer is better!
    • Each Asset is valued according to the industry strengths listed above
    • Get Recognized – Stand Above the Crowd

    • Average short term cost to ROi- equal to approx. 1 part time-full time digital employee 
    • Value as an Asset – long term digital returns continue to emerge.
  • Lets Talk 

  • Submit contact request.   All contact by NDA upon request
  • We look Forward to Serving motivated/interested parties  Until then,

   Enjoy the .Best day possible !



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